Thursday, February 10, 2011


Logan and Gene got to enjoy the Mavericks game against the Cavs. They had some great seats thanks to Mark Cuban, the Mavericks owner. He hooked them up!! I sent him an email after Logan broke his arm and he RESPONDED!!! Can you believe that....what other NBA owner do you know will respond to an email from some random person.

Mavs man striking a pose for the camera. :)

One of Dallas' stars, Dirk Nowitzki. Logan wore his jersey proudly! :)

I got a phone call from Logan during the game and he said "Mommy, can you see me, I'm on TV." I quickly ran to turn on the game and sitting right behind the Cavs basket was my hubby and little man. How cool is that!

Our future Maverick!!! They both had a blast.

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