Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TCU's 2022 Football Recruit

Yesterday, my good friend Jenny asked me if I wanted to bring Logan up to TCU to watch a spring, football practice. I had promised him last year I would and never did so I made sure I took him this time! On the way to TCU he asked me "Mom, is this what I'm wearing to tryouts?" I just started laughing....the boy actually thought he was going to TCU to tryout for football!!! Then he said, "Mom, are we in traffic because I don't want to be late....Coach will be wondering, where's Logan". By this time, im practically in tears!! Jenny's husband is one of the Offensive Coordinators and so we were able to get a tour of the awesome facility!

My kiddos and Cecilia with the Horned Frog

We went to Coach Fuente's office and Logan and I left him a note on his board! :)

Logan watching the practice....taking it all in.

After practice, he just watched as the "big boys" left the field. He had the biggest smile on his face....so darn cute!

Coach Fuente came over to see his wifey and adorable daughter, Cecilia and of course Logan says "Coach, will you throw to me?" He was so sweet to play catch with him. Then Logan actually got the guts to go play catch with...

the big boys...this is about as close as he got to them. I asked if he wanted a picture with them and he said "no mom, they are so big". :) They all complimented him on his throwing and catching and so then he went into show-off mode and started running fast and punting the ball.

Before we left, were were able to take him onto the field where they play games. He just stood there and looked at it and said "man this is a big field" and then he took off sprinting to the other side.

This smile didn't leave his face the entire time we were there. He had a blast and thank you to Jenny and her hubby for their hospitality. He was talking about it when he woke up this morning. Of course one of the coolest things to him is that the team has the Wii in their players lounge. Who knew that would be a great recruiting tool! :) GO FROGS!

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Jen S. said...

Cutest post ever!!!! How awesome! Loved the pics. and I'm still laughing about what Logan said about being stuck in traffic....too funny :)
Have a great weekend!