Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2011 Rose Bowl Champions!!

If you haven't heard, (you must be living under a rock :)) TCU Football won the 2011 Rose Bowl!!! Everyone here in Ft. Worth/TCU-Land is so excited about the Frogs victory!! The coaches and players put in many hours and time away from family and friends to accomplish this goal. The families of the coaches should be commended as well! The sacrifices they make so their husbands and daddies can prepare the team and build a program many times go unnoticed. I have a couple of friends that have hubbys that coach college and Jenny is one of them. She is such a great mom and keeps her home running smoothly so her husband, Justin can keep the Frogs scoring TOUCHDOWNS!!! Their daughter, C is the smartest and cutest almost 3-year old you will ever meet! They got to enjoy the Rose Bowl experience VIP style and you can enjoy the pictures on her blog. Last spring Jenny invited me to bring Logan to watch a spring practice. As you can see here he had a great time! He loves the Frogs and has been talking non-stop about Andy Dalton since September! As his mom, I am so thrilled to find out Dalton is a devoted Christian!! Love it!
Congratulations to TCU Football players, coaches, families and fans on an AWESOME 2011 season!!

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The Fuente Family said...

Thanks for the very sweet blog entry Amanda!! Love you guys too!!