Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back in the Day

My mom just emailed me some old pictures of when I was a baby. Looks like I was doing some calf raises in the picture above. See...already trying to train as an athlete and I was still in a diaper! :) Apparently I didn't like clothes so I spent a lot of time in only my diaper....and yes, I'm well aware I look like a boy! That didn't change until I was in high school! :)

Awww....sister love! My big sis, Jessica was probably trying to pinch me or something like that. One time she bit herself and then yelled, "mom, Amanda bit me". Stupid me responded "yes"when my mom asked if i did it.

That groovy lady holding me is my beautiful mom. The finger in my mouth must have meant "gag me...this dress I'm wearing is awful". It's fun going to look at pics from back in the day....thanks for joining me on my trip down memory lane. :) I think I've embarrassed myself enough for now. :)


Anonymous said...

The first picture is at Grandma's Frenchies house in San Diego. Aunt Diane is looking at you, and the dog in the picture is our dog which I can't even remember the name.
Oh well. Fun trip down memory lane.

Aunti Vi

Jen S. said...

Love the pictures Amanda! They are just priceless and so cute! It was fun checking them out. And I think your little dress is cute (your gag me comment made m chuckle!) You're too funny :)