Friday, October 1, 2010

Saints at Cowboys Stadium

Our football team was fortunate to get the chance to play in Cowboys Stadium this year. Unfortunately it was against the #1 ranked Brownwood Lions. Despite the tough loss everyone seemed to enjoy the atmosphere. :) This is an experience those football boys will never forget. They got to play on the same field as the 2011 Superbowl teams!!!

Me and the Hubs snapping a picture before the game was all his idea of course...haha

Brownwood may have gotten us this year but when these "Future Boys of Fall" start playing for the Saints, those Lions are going to taste defeat!!!

Before kick-off, they were putting people on the jumbo-tron. Of course they picked the 2 most beautiful girls in the stadium ( daughters)...luckily I had my phone/camera ready to snap a pic. I am always armed and ready for a good picture!

I love my school/job and am so proud to be a SAINT!!!

We had a lot of fun supporting our team and it was exciting to be in Cowboys Stadium. It was a tough loss but we are still undefeated in conference and ready to take on the Trojans next week.


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