Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm A Little More Country Than That....

We headed down to the farm this weekend....dogs and all!! I love being out in the country so I couldn't wait to get there. It is always so peaceful and relaxing.

The fresh air does everyone some good....except for the poor fish Logan caught. Gene is actually making it for dinner as we speak. I'll try to get over the way my house smells now seeing as though I spent all day cleaning...ahemm.

We slept in the tent since the bunkhouse isn't finished yet. It actually got a little chilly but it was nice sleeping under the stars.

Trinity enjoying the good life. :)

My mom and I were both Camo'd out. You can't really tell in this picture (cause we blend in to the woods behind us right :)) but my shorts were camo and my top was brown and my mom had on the exact opposite.

Trinity caught a fish as well. That girl will stay on the dock all day long until she catches one.

My sister and her family came up to visit as well. It was my niece, Kendall's first time at the farm. I must say, she absolutely loved it or it was just the fact she was hanging with her favorite Auntie, ME!! :) Ok...maybe it was a little of both.

Uncle Wayne was there mowing when we arrived and he took all the kiddos for a ride on the tractor. He said Logan was the best driver.....that's scary!

Me and my lil' sister, Millicent hung out for awhile and watched the men...umm drink beer. :) We went into town for a bit cause they had the craft fair going on. They had some really cute things. We didn't stay too long since we had Kendall with us.
As always, it was nice to hang in the country and I love seeing my family. I have so many fond memories from my childhood at the farm, the coca-cola car, learning how to drive, shooting at beer cans... :) I love watching my kids build their memories here also.


Jen S. said...

What a fun time it looks like you had at the farm!
What great memories you and your kids will have ;) That's so awesome!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, these pics really make me miss the Watts clan! Let's do the farm next year!!! Love you sweetie