Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us Your Life- Kids Names

When people find out what our eldest daughter's name is, we always get asked: 1. Are you from there or 2. Are you a Jayhawk fan? The answer to both is No! :) I am not sure why my husband decided on this name but I fell in love with it. As soon as we found out I was carrying a girl, we knew she would be our Kansas Jade. The name just fits her and I couldn't imagine her being named anything else. I was brave for the second time when we found out we were pregnant with #2 and let Gene pick the first name AGAIN! We had another girl and her name is Trinity Blake. Even though he denies it, I think my hubby had a crush on the girl from the Matrix who is named Trinity. :) I picked the middle name, Blake. Her Godfather is Steven Blakely so I used part of his last name. Now our 3rd child was a surprise but we were excited nonetheless. I just knew I was having another girl but Gene was for sure he was getting his boy. I just hate it when he's right!! :) Except for this time.....haha. I actually picked Logan Prentice and Gene agreed!! I was determined to have an "L" name...not sure why. After going over Landon and Leighton, I decided on Logan. His middle name is his Papa's last name. He is very proud to be named after his Papa!! Even though his sisters tease him sometimes and call him "Logan Princess" :) Sibling got to love it! Be sure to check out the other names at Kelly's Korner Blog. Have a great weekend!!


Tina said...

Your kids are adorable! Love their names!

Jen S. said...

Hi Amanda! I love each of your kids names....I think the names you chose so creative and cute :)
I enjoyed reading how their names came to be!
Have a great weekend :)

MICHELE said...

Well, we are from KS (but not Jayhawk fans HA!). I love the uniqueness of your kiddos' names. My daughter's name is actually Leighton...and before the actress I had never heard it. Weird. Have a happy Mother's Day!

~Katie said...

Cute names. You have a gorgeous family!