Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Tea

The Kindergarten class hosts a Mother's Day Tea for the moms and it is absolutely the most precious thing ever. I have been through it with Kansas and Trinity and yesterday it was Logan's turn. The day before, the dads come to class and prepare the food for the moms with the kiddos. Since Father's Day is in June, not during school, the children make their Dad's an apron.

Doesn't he look so domesticated! :) Gene and Logan's job was to make fruit skewers. That should be easy enough for them!! The moms weren't allowed in the classroom at this time but I had a secret agent in there taking pics for me. :)

They look like they are really having to concentrate.....ummm..hello...just stick the fruit on the skewer! Haha
The finished product....doesn't this look delightful! :)

The tea starts with the children taking their Mom to her seat and showing her the presents they made. Then they serve us a plate of yummy food.

This is one of my gifts, a lovely hat. Logan decided he would model it for me. :) I just love the's pink!!

Me and my sweet boy enjoying our time together at the tea. The kiddos introduce their Mom to the class and it is a cry fest!! :) They say "Boys and Girls, this is my Mommy, Mrs. Watts". All the moms get teary eyed cause that's what us moms do! ;) I remember when Trinity was in Kindergarten, she introduced me as Coach Watts. :)

I wish I had my blog years ago when the girls were in Kindergarten. It is such a neat way to remember everything. I do still have the shoes they each made for me! That is one of the other gifts they gave us. This stuff is priceless!!

I had a great time with Logan at the Mother's Day Tea. It is hard to believe that I'm done with that kind of stuff. :( The kids are growing up so fast and I just want to make sure I savor every moment I can! I hope all you Moms out there have a Happy Mother's Day!!

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Jen S. said...

A Mother's Day tea--how fun!
Love the pics of you and Logan wearing the cute :)
Nice the Dad's were there too the day before--must've been a lot of fun!
PS--your fruit skewers comment made me chuckle :)