Sunday, May 2, 2010

Kickin it with Kendall

We had a great time visiting with our family and meeting Kendall (Birdie) for the first time. Trinity is my little mom and took right to her new cousin. By the looks of this picture, I think Birdie is already fond of my sweet Trinity.
The cousins always have a blast playing together and they just go 90 to nothing the entire time.

We took Birdie out on her first walk to the park and the kids got to play in the splash pad. They were very excited to play in the water. It was a beautiful day in Houston and we all know that doesn't happen very often!

Before the trip to the park, my sister and I made a trip to Target (it's a sister tradition) and we left Nana with the you Mom! :) I had to pick up some outfits for Birdie and we got the boys these matching shirts. Really bummed that they didn't have any onesies that said "My Aunt is Awesome"...I'll keep looking. ;)
We were hanging out in the living room when we heard all this noise ...and all of a sudden these two handsome cowboys came around the corner. We quickly sent them out back so they could shoot some ducks.....stuffed dog toy ducks that is.

Should have known Kansas was behind this game. "Let's play hunter"....that's my girl...takes after her momma! No dolls for her!! :)

I enjoyed hanging out with the family but the long drive I could do with out!! The last couple of trips the kids have asked to stop at Buccees. It's a big country convenience store and they have all sorts of cool a big huge bear!

They love looking around the place so we make it our pit-stop destination. I am glad to have made it home and I am definitely going to make it an early night tonight. Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

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Jen S. said...

Glad you guys had fun on your adventure!
Kendall is so cute...what a little doll :)
It's supposed to be 90 in Vegas today, but the winds might kick in, so who knows if it'll feel that hot! Bet the kids loved going to the Splash Park on such a hot day--fun, fun!!