Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mothers vs. Sons Baseball Game

The much anticipated Mothers vs. Sons baseball game took place tonight. I am happy to report that despite the cheating by the coaches and our sons, the Mothers came out with the VICTORY!!! If you hear anything different, you are getting false information!! In the picture above I am sizing up the competition. Did I mention I tagged him out at home on his first at bat. :)

So our game faces did not improve from last year...that is for sure! I had to wear the shirt with one of my favorite quotes, "Respect All Fear None". I thought it would help get me fired up. :)

Here I am with my lil' slugger before we took to the field and BEAT them!!

They decided they still loved us after the game and stopped to take a funny picture with us....

Now a more serious picture... Us moms decided that this is probably the last year we are going to be able to have this game. Our boys are getting too good!!

The WINNING TEAM....the MOMS!!! We were very proud of ourselves and feel like we earned bragging what we have no clue!

Amanda and I were sporting Saints gear cause I robbed the equipment room before I left school. I wish I would have gotten video of her playing catcher....instead of stopping the ball she would kick it. So funny! I had a great time bonding with the moms and beating up on our boys. Don't worry...come Saturday, I'll be rooting on the Blue Jays again!


Jen S. said...

Too funny!
What a great idea, and sure looks like you all had a great time (even if there was cheating involved--ha ha ha!)
Love the pics....especially you sizing up the competition!!!
Have a great weekend :)

My Social Anxiety Blog said...
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