Monday, May 17, 2010

Ichiban Weekend

This weekend Gene's Ichiban teams played in a tournament in Crowley. He had 5 teams competing and one of them was a 4th/5th grade team. Logan sometimes practices with them despite being 5 years younger. :) Since he works out with them, he automatically assumed he was going to get to play with the team. Little did I know he WOULD actually play with the older boys. It was the cutest thing to watch and I must say, he isn't scared and he had a blast(even though his coach aka daddy got on to him :).

My little hooper in warm up.
About to check in to the game for the first time.

Logan ready to guard #21. Even though he didn't score any points and didn't get any rebounds or steals, I am very proud of him!

My point guard bringing the ball up the floor...too bad he got called for traveling before he passed it. Oh least he got in the books even if it was for a turnover! haha

Listening to his coach/dad...I just love this pic.

The girls also got to play this weekend. Fortunately, they opened it up to 4th grade as well so Kansas was able to play with Trinity.

Trinity guarding her player....looking so intense.

The Future of Team Ichiban!! These little girls are going to be so good!

Kansas shooting a free throw...great form

Trinity shooting a free throw...also great form.

I love watching my kiddos play sports and it was extra special to see their Dad coach them. Gene's older boys team won the entire tournament!!

Way to go Ichiban!! For those of you that were wondering, Ichiban means #1 in Japanese...learn something new every day! Have a great week!

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