Saturday, May 22, 2010

Are you ready for some FIELD DAY???

We finished off the week with a little Field Day!!! The kids always have a lot of fun...which makes me happy since I'm in charge of it!! haha Logan is working through the obstacle course...GO LOGAN!

Kansas is running the "Olympic Torch Relay" torches did look like they had flames coming out of them at one time...but when you use a paper towel roll as your torch, there is bound to be issues. :)

Trinity is working the "Olympic Ring Relay" do you see a theme going here.... The kids had to hold hands and pass the "Olympic Rings" down their entire class line.

In between stations, Logan was able to give Mom and Pops some lovin...and of course he filled us in on how he did at each event!

The station below was supposed to be "Bobsledding". We originally had planned for one student to push the other one but we thought we would do without the injuries. :) All those moms look like Paparazzi!!
Trinity did so well as did the other two. She won the hurdles and beat a couple boys in the 50 yard dash! You go GIRL!!

Below Logan is running the 50 yard looks like the girl to his right is trying to beat him or just sticking her tongue out at him! Haha

This is Kansas' 5th field day and Logan's first. Hard to believe... School was dismissed at noon so we headed out to see the new Shrek movie. Kansas had a few friends with her and they all came over and spent the night. It was a kind of belated birthday party. They had a great time and enjoyed hanging out together.

Lauris, here with Kansas was one of the girls that came over after field day. They have been best buds since Kindergarten! What a cute pic huh!

After the movies I took them to Justice to do a little shopping. They had fun getting webkinz and things. We then headed to our house to play and then off to Joe Pool Lake to feed the fish. They ended the night with pizza and a rented movie. Slumber parties don't get much better than that!! One more week of school and then it's SUMMER TIME!!!!

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Jen S. said...

What a great Field day! Looks like it was a lot of fun. We had ours yesterday too.
Sounds like Kansas had a lot of fun having her friends over for a sleepover. What a fun time! (BTW--We love Justice too!)
Have a great weekend!