Saturday, April 17, 2010

2010 5K Zoo Run with my Animals...I mean Kids

Me and My Animals... :)
Last year Kansas ran the Fort Worth Zoo 5 K with some of her classmates. This year we had decided to do it as a family. Unfortunately, Gene had to coach at a track meet in Dallas so he was unable to join us but wished us luck and took some pics before we left.

The sun was obviously still asleep behind the clouds but the All Saints' group looked ready to take on the challenge of a wet 5K. Luckily before the race started, the rain stopped!! Kansas and Logan stayed with me and Trinity went off with the group. Logan would not let go of my hand because there were so many people and I think he thought he might lose me!
The first part of the race started through the zoo and that was the coolest part. I tried to take pictures of the giraffes, elephants and zebras but I probably shouldve stopped running so they didn't come out blurry! At around minute 17, Logan decided he was tired. I ran with him on my back for about 5 minutes and then I was saved by the port-o-potty!!

This picture is a little blurry also...I was jogging in place. :) I really wanted to run the entire thing!! Logan pretty much complained the last half of the race but once I pointed to the finish line, he took off! Gene showed him how to run with his hands open so he got his form together and finished the race....his first 5k!!

Yay!!!! We finished the race and we are still able to stand up!! I am so proud of my kiddos. Besides the time Logan was on my back, they basically ran the entire time.

I guess I should have signed Kansas up for the 10K cause she still had enough energy to carry Logan around!

After the race, we hung around for some of the festivities but the rain decided to come out again so we headed to Panera Bread for some yummy breakfast!!

The kids ordered their gigantic cinammon rolls. They deserved them after the race!! I had a great time experiencing this with my kids. I wish Gene would have been able to join us. Maybe next I think a nap is in order! Have a great weekend!


Jen S. said...

You guys did great! WAY TO GO :)
PS--those cinnamon rolls sure look yummy! :)

Mrs. Chantel Harris said...

I really admire how active your family is and I love Panera Bread. That is where I met my husband. We worked there together for a couple years. By the way, we are having another boy. I've been wanting to blog about it but don't have access to a computer everyday for the time being. Take care!

Brandi said...

That is so great!! I love that you did this as a family! I never really thought about Kaeden doing a 5K with me - what a great idea. He would love it and it would teach him a valuable lesson. Good for you! It looks fun!

Thanks for your sweet comment. I'm planning on heading to Dallas -we may just pass each other on I-35! Good luck at your tennis match. One day we need to meet up and let the kids play :)

In His Army said...

Way to go! What a fun thing to do as a family! I laughed about you running in place because you wanted to run the whole thing...I am the same way! Hope you've had a good week :)