Sunday, November 15, 2009

Flag Football and Farm Fun with Family

Our Saturday started with some flag football....yes, Logan is in white pants this time!

The first play of the game, Logan was quarterback and he tried to throw a 20 yard pass...his teammate almost caught it...don't think that is the play his coach called however! :)

Then we headed to the country...I love it at our farm. It is so relaxing. My BIL is about to head off to hunt least I think that is my BIL...haha! Yep...I recognize that grip on the Bud Light anywhere! :)

I thought I would try shooting a can (hey it sounds like deer)....I came really close. If I was aiming at a Bambi, I wouldve shot it. :(

The boys digging a tunnel into the hill....I love how the leaves on the trees are changing pretty...and the boys are cute too! ;)

Trinity grabbed her pole and started fishing immediately. This is her first catch.....she caught 6 total! The 2 proud people in the background are her Nana and Papa. :)

Kansas with her Nana and Papa....I swear that girl just keeps growing and growing!

At the end of the night we started the camp fire and made smores....YUMMY! It is so peaceful out in the country....I love it.....except the part where the cows wake you up at 6:30am cause they are grazing right in front of the camp house....not to mention the sound of the 4-wheeler (my BIL and nephew headed out to hunt). Besides getting woken up early on the's awesome.

I mean where else can you dress like this, not wear any make-up and fit in....haha!
We had a great weekend and look forward to more family time at Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings,

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Jen S. said...

What a great time you must've had!
I think Trinity and Jeven are maybe about the same height...both tall girls :)
Loved all the pictures... the last one cracked me up!
Glad you all had fun :)