Saturday, November 28, 2009

Food Poisoning...Thanksgiving...and It's beginning to look a little like Christmas

The day before Thanksgiving I got food bueno!! When momma's all shuts down! :) Since I am just now starting to feel better, we didn't make the trip to Houston. We were all bummed to not be with our big family but at least we were together. My awesome neighbor made us dinner...which I only ate the rolls :( .

The weather was awesome so the kids were able to play outside the entire time I was in bed. Yesterday they played a pick up game of basketball. No, Gracie our bulldog is not on one of the teams...she just has to be part of the action.

It cracks me up how competitive they our....hmmm...wonder where they get that from! Gene was the referee and the kids didn't like he called everything!! They better get used to it cause they are about to start playing again.

Since I started feeling a little better, we decorated for Christmas. We always do it the weekend after Thanksgiving. Gene even started a fire to get us in the holiday spirit!

We have 2 Christmas trees...this one is the "Silver Snowflake Tree". Gene is trying to get the big snowflake to stay straight! :)
So food poisioning is not something I NEVER want to have again but the week ended up great. It's back to work on Monday but thankfully I like my job so it's all good! :) Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
Many Blessings,

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Jen S. said...

Oh Amanda, I feel so bad you were so sick. I'm glad you are now on the mend. Thankfully I've never had food poisoning, and I definitely don't ever want it.
If I lived near you, I would've brought your family a nice meal too (so glad your neighbors did that--how sweet!)
Take it easy and just keep resting up.
P.S. Glad to weather has been so nice there and the kids could go out and shoot some hoops :) Fun, fun!