Monday, October 26, 2009

The Rombeaus

The Rombeaus!! It was so good to see my Uncle Bill, Aunt Sharon and cousins, Kira and Nicole. Still can't believe it has taken 35 years for me to meet my Uncle John, Aunt Maureen and cousins, Charlie and Suzanne. I will tell you that they are so loving and warm and made me feel like I have spent my entire life around them. It was the best feeling to be around them all.

Here are the Rombeau boys. My Nan and Grandpa Lee sure would be proud of these fellows! :)The only one missing is Uncle Charlie but he is in Heaven smiling down on us all.

I have always been proud to be a Rombeau. I know that going through a divorce as a child was not fun but it blessed me with a loving and caring step-dad that cares for me like I am his own sisters Megan and Julie who mean the world to me and many other aunts, uncles and cousins.

Thank you Megan and Wesley for allowing us all to come together to share your special day as a family.

Many Blessings and Lots of Love,

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Catherine said...

Amanda, it was so great to meet you, even briefly, over the weekend. Your blog is fantastic (Maureen sent me the link), and your wedding post resonated; I agree that there is just something about connecting with family, who understand where you've come from (even if I only married into the Rombeau clan!). I'm really glad we could all make it down to Houston for Megan and Wesley's celebration.

Thanks again for your warm welcome, and hope you have a great fall with your adorable kiddos!

Take care,
Catherine Rombeau (your cousin Charlie's wife)