Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Making Memories at the Mavericks Game

Last night we were able to go to the Mavericks game thanks to some friends of ours giving us their awesome tickets! Gene and I took Logan and his buddy, Cameron along for the fun. The girls stayed with our BFF neighbors which they were excited about! Logan and Cam thought the Mavericks truck was pretty cool.

The garbage disposals as Gene called them....these boys can eat!! After they each had their own nachos, we bought them peanuts and the feast didn't end there.....

Our seats were great....I was surprised how much the boys really got into the game. Unfortunately the Mavericks didn't pull off the win against the Magic...maybe next time boys!

Me and my MVP...
Our friends called us and were in their box so we were able to go watch the game from there as well! When we told the boys we were going to a box, they literally thought we were going to sit in a box as in cardboard....pretty funny! They were very excited when we got there and they saw the spread of food.....little piggies!

Logan getting a little daddy time....

Gettin' a little rowdy....and hoping Mavs Man would shoot them over a t-shirt!

I don't think we were off the parking lot when I looked back to find this. How sweet are these two little guys. The Mavericks may have lost but we sure had a great time building memories. Have a great week!


Jen S. said...

How fun--love the pictures :) Looks like you guys had a great time.
Have a great day!

Jen said...

Concession stand food sounds so good after reading this post!!! Awesome pics and awesome tickets! Yay!