Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Watts Hit the Ice

Trinity and I getting ready to hit the ice skating rink. It was nice and chilly on Saturday to get us in the mood. :) Logan's buddy, Devin turned 7 so we went to his party to celebrate!

I got a kick out of watching my athletic son hold on to me with a death grip! His little legs were going all over the place! (thanks John for the pics :)

Kansas got out there and skated like she had done it before.

Trinity was like Bambi....she was all over the place. She spent more time on her butt then on her skates! But doesn't she look adorable! :)

Me and my little man....not sure what is going on with his smile!

Gene wouldn't get on the ice cause he said he "has had enough surgeries already"...fair enough! :) He took care of picture taking and helping with skates. We had a lot of fun ice skating and thought we would head to a pumpkin patch yesterday but since we keep having rain, it was closed. I am definitely ready for some pretty, fall weather!! Y'all stay dry out there!

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Jen S. said...

Hi Amanda!
Looks like you all had fun ice skating :) Cute pictures! I had to laugh at your "Bambi" comment...that's exactly how I feel on ice skates and roller blades!
Wish we'd get some rain here in Vegas. Send some our way!