Friday, October 2, 2009

A Day With My Team

Today I took my team to do some community service. They sold raffle tickets to help raise money for the YWCA. It was a champagne brunch and all the people that attended (mostly women) kept telling me how sweet and cute my team was. I was one proud momma coach...haha!

It was held at the Fort Worth Convention Center and only in Texas would you see a big iron star with cowboy hats all over it....can I get a YEEHAW!!!! My friend who now lives in California with her country accent calls Texas, "The Great Nation". :) I am very proud of my state but I would love to live in California as well!!

I promised my team I would take them to the infamous Fuzzy's Taco Shop. It is on the campus of TCU. They thought it would be funny to lock me outside.....don't worry...I will get the last laugh!! :)

After Fuzzy's they sweet-talked me in to taking them to Marble Slab.....guess they didn't want to make it back to 4th period....surprise surprise. You know mention something sweet and I'm all about it! So of course we get there and there is only one lady working. No problem....Brooke used to work there so she hopped behind the counter and helped serve her team. We finally made it back to campus....after I tricked half of the girls into "smelling their ice cream"...hello...that is the oldest trick in the book....suckers! Told you I would get the last laugh! Have a great weekend everyone!

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