Sunday, June 7, 2009

Thou Shall Play Sports!

The Future of Team Ichiban-6th grade team

My sweet Trinity leading the post-game prayer

Kansas getting ready to steal the ball...wink wink.

Getting a little coaching from dear ol Dad

So I am totally convinced there are 11 commandments, not 10! I mean what would life be like without sports? I would be out of a job, out of shape and would have to watch my kids....act, sing, play the flute...and did I mention I would have never found the love of my life (my hubby not chocolate). Yep, we met at the GYM! So it should be no surprise to y'all that the Watts' Family spent the weekend playing basketball and t-ball. We started off at Field House USA in Frisco...all day Saturday and some of Sunday and then ended playing in the Mom vs. Sons T-ball game. I'm just a little tired...and sweaty! The Ichiban 6th grade team kept getting better and better. Trinity and Kansas are both playing up a couple divisions but it is good for them. If they stick with it, they are going to be unstoppable! The Moms vs. Sons t-ball game was very comical. Man are those little boys competitive but the mommas didn't back down. We brought our "A" game and gave the boys a run for their money or should I say allowance?
Working on our game face....Logan talked a lot of trash!
A little pre-game stretch...I was warm as soon as I got out of my car!
The "Mom" Team
We love our little sluggers!
Logan is swimming with his teammates and the girls and I are relaxing and enjoying the air conditioning. As for the hubby....he is still at the gym with his two older teams. Such is the life of the Texas Watts! Have a great week.
Much Love,


Jen S. said...

Sports, Sports, Sports--you guys ROCK!! Makes me want to get outside and do something! The pictures are great!
Thanks for sharing.
~By the way, I changed my "name" on here to "Jen S" now. It used to just be ":)"
Have a great day!

Jen S. said...

PS--the picture of your "game faces" is just too funny! So cute!