Thursday, June 11, 2009

Logan and Cecilia

Logan and cute is she!!

She was telling him to back up so she could shop...GOOD GIRL!

Logan and Cecilia at the fabric store...he was trying to sweep her off her feet...haha

My friend Jenny and I met for lunch at La Madeleine and she brought her daughter, Cecilia and I brought Logan. He just adores Cecilia so he had to go with. I remember when Jenny gave birth to this cutie pie and now she looks like she is 2 years old! She is growing so fast and just keeps getting cuter every time I see her. It is fun to watch her and Logan interact. He just dotes on her and she acts like she wants to say"Hey little and your curly hair need to get out of my way!" Her personality is so adorable. We had a great time hanging out. Jenny is going to make Trinity a dress and Kansas some pillows (made from horse fabric of course). As soon as she is finished, I will post pictures of them. Tomorrow is Trinity's birthday so we will be heading to the American Girl Store so she can shop til her heart's content or I run out of money! I'm pretty sure I know which one will come first...ha!

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