Thursday, June 25, 2009

Salon Day in Cali

Day 2 in California was busy but great. My Auntie Vi met me at Aunt Liz's house and we headed for our appointment at the nail salon. We got our mani and pedi and were on our way to meet Grandma for lunch. As you can see in the pic above, she wasn't in the best mood. I can't say I blame her.
After lunch with Grandma, we headed to Aunt Gloria's to have our own meal. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed each other's company and the view. Here my Aunt Vi is chatting away. Notice, I took the seat with the view.
Here is the front of my Aunt Gloria's Uncle Glen did all that stone work himself. Isn't it gorgeous! If you haven't already noticed...I've got a huge family...there will be a quiz at the end of my trip to see if y'all remember everyone! haha
When we returned to my Aunt Liz's house, we found my sweet Cousin, Brigette trying to recover from having her tonsils out. No bueno!! We all had to join her and have some ice know me, I'll never turn down ice cream. She is a trooper!!

Here I am with my cousin Savannah. Isn't she adorable!! We sat outside and had carne asada for new favorite yummy! After dinner, Aunt Liz, Uncle Chris and I went for a walk. Now remember California has mountains....this walk was no joke. My legs are feeling it this morning. Well there is more fun planned today....stay tuned!

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