Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun, Sun & Seniors...Day 1

I arrived in sunny California and my Aunt Liz and cousin, Brigette picked me up from the airport. The weather was so cool I almost needed a sweatshirt...HUGE change from Texas! We went straight to my Aunt Gloria's house and had  a turkey wrap for lunch and headed down to the pool. Now that is what I'm talking about!! Here my cousins and I are soaking up the sun by the pool...the water was 90 awesome!
After we got some sun, it was time to go feed Grandma her dinner. We went to her care facility and it was very sad. She didn't recognize me and her health has declined dramatically. Those places are not fun but I'm glad I was able to hang out with her whether or not she even knew I was there didn't matter. We will be back today to feed her some lunch. Don't I have the most beautiful Grandma!
We headed back to Aunt Gloria's for our dinner(couldn't stomach eating dinner at the nursing home). Uncle Glen put some burgers on the grill and we hung out and visited. Here is the view from where I was sitting at dinner...nice huh. That is my hottie Aunt Liz in the background. Sorry fellas she is taken! 
We decided we would go for a night swim and after I put my suit on, I noticed I had already become a lobster from earlier! I love can sunbathe and not feel like you are baking!

Here is the view as we headed down to our night swim. Having a great time! Check back tomorrow for more fun. Have a great day!

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