Sunday, May 31, 2009


He seems pretty focused doesn't he.....well that is because he has to be ready to do this.....

He got the ball and threw it to Devin, our first baseman and got the out! Now don't get me wrong....there are many times he is not focused! It drives me crazy but I have to remind myself that he is only 5 years old. I am very proud of him and I just love watching him compete. He loves sports....even as I type, he is asking me " said you would play baseball with me...can we play now?" Does this kid not get enough? We have been at the baseball fields all weekend!

We did get to take a little break and head to Coach John's house for some fajitas...yummy! The boys ran through the house and back and forth from the backyard to the Xbox. Here are the crazy Pirates about to eat some baseball cupcakes.

Even when they are off the field....they still want to play baseball. I kept thinking to myself while I watched them day they are going to be big, stinky teenage boys and they are not going to want to play catch with their I am going to end this post now so I can go play some catch with my little Pirate! By the way...they went 3-1 in the USSA State Tournament for a 3rd place finish. Go Pirates!!

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