Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday-Kids Room

See this cute, little, chunky monkey.....well now he is....

this adorable sports playing 5 year old and we are going to visit his room as part of Kelly's Korner-Show Us Where You Live Friday

This is my son's room which used to be the playroom. He has a basketball goal at each end and some intense one-on-one games take place here! This room shouts BOY!

Since it was the playroom, he has no privacy but until our house is built (w/4 bedrooms) he will live here. His sisters each have their own room and that helps me keep my sanity.....which is somewhat important...haha.

This is the other side of his room and I love this built-in shelf. You probably noticed that I still need to paint this side of his room. Yep, it's on my list of things to tackle. My clown collection is displayed here until I figure out a better place for it. My grandfather collected clowns and I thought it was neat....I've been collecting them ever since I was in elementary school.

Yet another view from the "Arena". The window seat is great. My son is a sports fanatic so he has got something for every sport in his room. When we have friends over, this room gets a lot of good use. Us grown-ups hang out and the kids play in here. Thanks for stopping by....have a great weekend.

Many Blessings,


Jen said...

we've got the same goal that is by his bed. what a cutie!

Brenda said...

Everything is so neat and organized! What fun spaces!

Kari said...

The room is soo fun!! I can imagine any boy having a blast in that room!! haha

Alexi said...

Wow!! It's well decorated room for a sports lover... Bed set and window decoration is totally amazing... Kids really like this kind of things!!