Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts, Surprises & Black Eyes???

Logan's team had practice yesterday and they got to end practice with an innocent little Easter egg hunt....or so we thought. One of the players lives right next to the practice field so the moms hid the eggs in his front lawn. We gave each of the boys a baseball Easter basket and let them go wild.

Pirates after the hunt....happy campers except for the only girl on their team that is in the back in tears....not sure why
Coach John supervising the Mayhem

Coach tells the kids that there are 2 eggs in the middle of the street...see the kiddos heading towards the moving car....nice job coach...all the parents yelled NO...and the kids stopped. But don't worry....we got coach back...little did he know we had confetti eggs with us as well..... He thought he got away quick enough but someone gave one of us lunatic moms his pass code and we got into his car and tagged him!! The kids had a blast throwing eggs at him.
he had to quickly hop out of his car so it wouldn't get destroyed by the confetti...(too late)....the boys chased him around the field and got him with over 3 dozen eggs. All of a sudden I hear the crowd go " him in the eye" I ask who did and of course a dad responds "Logan". Just great...leave it to my son to give his coach a black eye. He was 10 ft away but he still got him pretty good. So hopefully Logan will still be allowed on the team. :)

Here is Coach's eye right after it happened
On a less violent note......

When I got home last night I had a message from my Aunt that a package should be waiting on my door. Sure enough there was a little Easter surprise for the kiddos from their Auntie Liz!! I took a picture of the girls with their lil' slugger was still asleep. I guess he had way too much action yesterday. He did tell me after practice, "I had so much fun today mommy...thank you for signing me up for t-ball". Ahhh!!!

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