Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Technology...Just Nature

My BIG to my hubby that is

The Easter egg hunt...the camo eggs were really hard to find
Logan flying his kite...the cows were wondering what the heck he was doing

Trinity's first fish...she was so excited!!

My mom, sisters and me...Mill was a little sleepy :)

The cousins...they look like a rough group don't they

JoJo took everyone around all day...he was the tour guide

The kids and I headed out to the country this morning to spend time with our family. Gene stayed at home because we finally got someone to come lay our looks awesome!!! One of the many things that I like about being out in the country is that you don't need any sort of technology just relax and enjoy nature and hanging with your loved ones. The kids weren't looking for their Nintendo DS's or Disney Channel and my oldest nephew wasn't texting the entire time.....such a nice break from the norm. What we did do was fish, fly kites, ride the 4-wheelers, go on hikes, hunt for Easter can't beat that! We had a great time as usual and Trinity and I actually each caught a fish. Mine was the best catch I've ever had.....besides my husband of course. He's cuter at least....but my fish didn't roll his/hers (not sure) eyes when I had my sister snap "Just 1 more picture".'s close but I still think my husband wins as being my best catch ever....he did stay back and miss the fish catching to get our tile done! Above are a few pictures from our "technology-free" day...ok so I had to upload my fish picture to facebook right away but that is it ...I promise.

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Brandi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You have a beautiful family! (You and your hubby were married the same year Kenyon and I were.)
It looks like you and your family had a wonderful fishing trip! What a big fish!! :)