Monday, April 6, 2009

Basketball Widow

Team Ichiban- Tournament Champions!!!

The AAU season has begun for Gene so I am officially a basketball widow until July. Every evening and most weekends are consumed with and more basketball. It has been that way since we have been married. Anyone feel sorry for me yet? Yesterday we went to watch his teams was nice to get out of the house after cleaning all weekend. I think I have probably been in over a thousand different least...that has got to be some sort of record. Anyways....Ichiban (means #1 in Japanese) came out with the tournament win. Nice job!! I write constantly about how proud I am of my kids so I thought I would mention that I am also proud of the hubby. He has helped many kids thoughout his coaching career and I'm sure he will help many more. By the way...if you noticed..he isn't smiling in this picture either....see y'all thought it was just pictures with me! :)

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