Friday, February 20, 2009

A Square Dancing Fool...

Logan and adorable

Logan's school had their annual Chilli Supper Dinner/Performance. They had to dress in their cowboy gear and they danced and sang their little hearts out and then we all had yummy chilli for dinner. It kind of took me back to my college days in the Stockyards.....except Logan was sober and I never square danced at Billy Bobs! :) Ok that was a joke...kinda. Well back to the performance....we showed up and were walking to the door when I hear "Hi Cute Logan" and Logan responded "Hi Silje" (pronounced Seelya). I looked over to find this cute little girl looking at Logan with a big grin. Logan also had a huge grin. It was so cute. I found Silje's Mom inside helping with the chilli and I told her about the "flirting". She laughed and said "Silje comes home everyday telling me oh Mommy, Logan is so cute". So before the night was over I had to get a picture of them together. Gene just sat back and rolled his eyes...his usual reaction when I bust out my camera. Enjoy the video of Logan getting his groove on...he's got a little pep in his step...he got his rhythm from his momma...ok but his daddy sure can move also.
(Don't forget to pause my playlist before you start the video)

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