Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Future Home????

The lot...

The view from our future home

Gene checking out the lot size

We are desperately wanting to move closer to school/work. With our late nights with sports, it just makes sense to be near by our home. There is a development only 11 miles from our campus. It is out in the country and we love it! We have met with a builder and the owner of some of the lots in the area. Today we chose a lot and will put a deposit down on it next week. Now we haven't even put our house on the market so it will probably be a year before we call it home but I am so excited. I pray everyday that God wants us to be there and I know if that is His plan then it will happen. If for some reason it is not, we will be happy in whatever home He chooses for us. Logan keeps asking Gene and I if we will buy him a 4-wheeler if we move there...I told him today that he just needs to keep praying about it and we will see what God wants. All of a sudden the back of the car got really quiet and I looked back to see his hands clasped and his eyes closed. Then he burst out with "Mommy...I just talked to God and he said that he wants us to build there and we can get a 4-wheeler". I got teary eyed...surprise surprise and had a big smile on my face and I told him "That would be great buddy". So if you are reading this, say a little prayer for us Watts people...we sure hope it all works out. Today when Gene and I went out there I took some pictures of possibly "our future home".

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Stephanie said...

Sweet baby Logan! LOVE HIM....I will keep you guys in our prayers about the home.