Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busy but Beautiful Weekend

The girls feeding the horses

The girls with Devin...Logan's friend and teammate

Logan feeding the mini some apples

It was a busy weekend as usual....on Friday, Logan had his square dancing performance and then Saturday morning he had his last regular season basketball game. The Stars won!! He kind of got into it with another little boy and the boy called him a loser...well held his fingers in the "L" position. I think the little boy ended up getting tossed after he fouled Logan while he was trying to make a lay-up. Pretty intense for a 5 year old game of basketball. Trinity had her friend Emily over and then on Saturday she spent the night over there. On Sunday we went to Logan's first tee-ball practice. He is playing with Coach John and most of his basketball teammates. This will be his first time at this sport so hopefully he will catch on. Poor Coach John has his work cut out for him! After his practice we got to go feed his coach's horses. My kids love horses and being out in the country so they had a blast. It was back home to ride bikes for a bit before calling it a night. So a weekend full of square dancin, friends, horses, sports and beautiful can't beat that!

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