Sunday, February 1, 2009

Logan is a Saint!!!

Logan and his Momma with his Saints Box

Logan and proud!!

Ok so maybe that title is misleading a little...but he WILL be a Saint in the fall!! We found out this weekend that Logan has been accepted for Kindergarten at All Saints' for the fall of 2009. He will be in the graduating class of 2022!! Crazy huh! We feel so blessed that our kids get to go to one of the top college-prep schools in the state of Texas! It will be so nice to have all 3 of them at the same school. The education that they are going to receive will prepare them for college and beyond. I love to walk down the halls or into the cafeteria and see my kiddos there. All Saints' is truly an extension of our family! Logan is excited and can't wait to play quarterback for Coach Beck, point guard for his Dad and pitcher for Coach Hardgrove. He is looking forward to bringing All Saints' many SPC Championships!!!

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