Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Day

Logan playing the drums like the dude on CMT

It's so nice when they aren't fighting

Gracie snuggling with her toys

My 2 favorite guys going nite nite...look who has the remote

We got up this morning and started to get ready when we found out there would be no school...ice day!! The kids were so excited they immediately changed out of their uniforms into some comfy clothes. I thought they would go back to bed but they decided to play in their rooms. I was determined to go back to bed yet my personality decided I would get some work done first...ugh! It is now almost 3pm and I have yet to get some rest. As you can see in the pictures....the rest of my family has had no problem taking a break.....even the dog but that is a no brainer. Kansas' new thing is watching CMT so her and her siblings sat and watched for a bit and sang a long. Gene ran to the store to get us some chips and salsa...yummy. I guess that food makes you sleepy ;)cause he and Logan have since gone nite nite. I guess I will have to nap on the couch! It is cold outside but nice and warm inside. Despite the lack of a nap, it has been a great day hanging at home with my family.

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