Saturday, February 7, 2009

Basketball is almost over...spring season is here!

Logan with his "serious" pose

STARS cute are these boys...

I absolutely love watching my kids play is my favorite thing to do. Logan has had so much fun playing basketball this season with the Stars. After their season is finished, they will put their basketballs away and get out their bats for baseball. This will be the first time for Logan to play baseball but he loves the sport and will do just fine. Basketball season is coming to a close for Gene's teams as well. Both his girls' and his boys' team have qualified for the Division I bracket at the SPC Championships next week. I am so proud of him. It has not been easy to practice for 4 hours straight every day but he has done it for the past 3 months and he has done a great job! I am looking forward to the spring....coaching tennis, watching some baseball and enjoying Easter with my family.

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