Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kansas' Hero....her PAPA

Kansas came up to me in the gym after school so excited about a school project. It is an "All About Me" poster. The first thing she showed me was her "Hero" section. The following is what she wrote about her Hero, her Papa.

"My Papa is a Farmer. He is going to help me with Ranch Management so I know how to take care of my ranch when I grow up. He is the best Papa I ever had."

Of course I immediately started tearing up..while at practice! I thought that was the sweetest thing ever. I was not even the least bit jealous...even though I did carry her around in my belly for 9 months...did I mention the vericose veins I got because of her... :) All joking aside...she couldn't have picked a better person. He is a great dad and a fabulous grandfather. Kansas definitely has her Papa's love of the country and animals! She is determined to one day own her own ranch and have lots of horses. The picture above is an old one but one of my very favorites of the both of them together.

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Sue said...

AWW! That Ramsey! Hey... is he wearing a UTAH shirt? ha ha