Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tough Weekend for the Saints

The Saints volleyball team traveled to Oklahoma this weekend to play our counter matches against Holland Hall of Tulsa and Casady of Oklahoma City. We didn't play well against Holland Hall, a team we definitely should have beaten. Saturday's match was much better but we still lost to Casady as well. Oh...the joys of coaching!! My 3 kiddos had a blast with daddy while I was gone. Gene had an "Indian Princess" gathering with the other 1st grade Dads and Daughters from All Saints'. The dads think of something fun to do and they take their daughters along. It is really cute. This time they went to the TCU Football game. Since I was out of town, Logan got to tag along. Kansas went to a birthday party and then to play at her good friend Lauris' house. I don't think they missed me one bit! Well off to do the wonderful chores of motherhood....I hope I will have a better report about my team next time. :)

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