Saturday, November 26, 2011

Turkey Day Fun

So this Thankgiving we headed to Katy/Houston to see the family. I couldn't wait to give this little girl some smooches!! Of course when we hang out at the Street house we do lots of hanging in the garage/man cave/bar/theater room...etc.
Some of the men enjoying Stephen talking I'm sure! :) Love my brother in law!!
Our real life baby doll. :)
On our way to my mom's house (yes my parents still live in Alief) we passed my old high school, Elsik. Lots of memories there....of course most involve playing sports. But back to Thanksgiving.....
Tiffany, Derek and Jasmine came from Killeen to spend the holiday with us. The more family the better I say!! :)
The cousins played a little football while us moms.....
sat around and my sisters! :)
Derek and Tiffany......last year Derek was spending his Thanksgiving training the Iraqi Army. Glad he could be with us this year.
Nana and Papa....
Yea so I give up trying to take pictures with him...
I'd rather take pictures with these beautiful women there! :)
Yep..this is the best we could get. Anytime us moms mentioned pictures it was nothing but complaining!!
Nana bought the kiddos this big art project that they enjoyed.
Before we headed out we enjoyed a nice seafood dinner at a place called Orleans. It was so yummy!! Can't believe I didn't get any pictures of the wonderful food we had on Thanksgiving. As usual my mom worked very hard in the kitchen and it was delicious.
The grown up table....with Kendall. :) I always love getting together with my family. Unfortunately I had to get a little school work done while I was there but I am almost done and so excited!!
While I was working on my power point my family decided it was a good time for a study we decided to get a little goofy with the photo booth on my mac. :)
Me, my sisters and crazy nephew.
My brother, Benny....can't forget him. :)
He really does love his mom.

He really doesn't want me to flex.....I would make him feel bad.

Well as usual I hope you enjoyed my random post. Maybe after I finish my Masters I will feel like writing better stories on my blog. Nah...who am I kidding. :) Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Jen S. said...

Looks like you guys had a blast on Thanksgiving. That's great!

That man cave is so cool!

Glad you had such a nice time.