Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Booga Bear!

My sweet boy is turning 8 years old! When he was born he was HUGE at 9lbs 11oz. He had a head full of hair and the most beautiful big, brown eyes you had ever seen!
8 years later he is still just as gorgeous....but just not as chunky!! :) I still look at those brown eyes and see my sweet baby boy and I'm quite sure I always will (even when he is 6ft tall and a smelly teenager).
Since the day he was born he has been ALL BOY!!! I laugh every time I see the picture above.
He has a passion for sports and he loves the Lord!! You couldn't ask for more than that!! Although basketball may be his current favorite, he loves to play them all.
He has even ran a few races!!
One day I caught him moving the kitchen chairs into his playroom (he was still in diapers at the time)and putting a basketball in each of the chairs. He then started mimicking the drills he watched his dad do at his training classes!! He was literally practicing basketball in a lie!!
He is not a big fan of toys....he just wants to play sports!
Unfortunately he has learned to talk a little smack.....I blame that on his dad and the fact that he hangs out with varsity and college athletes a lot!
The picture above is of him, his daddy and Little Cotton who Gene trained since he was a young boy.
As a coach we always like to work with those athletes that have a strong passion for the game. That passion is something that comes from inside and you just can't coach that. Logan has been blessed not only with athletic ability but a passion for sports that is awesome to watch!

I am so thankful that God has blessed me with such a sweet boy! Happy Birthday Logan and I hope you like your birthday surprise......stay tuned!!! :)


Mrs. Chantel Harris said...

Happy Birthday Logan! I can't wait to find out what the birthday surprise is!

Jen S. said...

Happy Birthday Logan!!