Sunday, September 25, 2011

Too Tired to Think of a Title

The last couple of weeks have pretty much been a blur! I'm in season, finishing my Masters, working lots of hours and of course most importantly, I have my mom and wife duties. The girls are playing soccer as well and Logan is about to start baseball. I did find the time to take my team to the TCU vs. Texas volleyball game. My family came along as well! My team enjoyed watching some college volleyball and were blown away by the HUGE Texas team.
Jenny showed up with Cecilia. We are so excited for Baby Fuente #2 to make his/her appearance!! :) We sure miss having her coach with us!
After the game the TCU girls stayed on the floor to sign autographs. It amazes me that my 12 year old daughter almost looks as big as the TCU middle!! Cecilia, Jenny's daughter was so cute, she would walk up to the girls and hold up her hand with her fingers showing the frog symbol! :)
When I was Kansas' age I would put up volleyball posters all through my room. Back then I wanted to go to UT so a lot of them were of UT Volleyball. Kansas didn't waste any time getting her TCU posters on her wall!
A little blurry but man were those UT girls HUGE!! I thought going to the game would fire my team up for the big weekend of counter games. Unfortunately we went 1-1 and not 2-0 like we had hoped. I hate losing!! I have tried not to think about that and the million other things on my mind this weekend but it is really hard. Thankfully last night was a nice surprise outing as Gene and I took the kids to the Candlelighters Run to help support kids with cancer. Gene was originally going to just have his CC team run but we decided last minute to enter our kids also.
The race took place in downtown Fort Worth and it was an absolutely beautiful night! They all ran the 5k and I cheered them on. Didn't really have the mindset to run. :(
My kiddos after finishing their race!
Trinity ran the entire time despite wanting to stop after the first mile. That paid off for her cause she earned 1st Place in her division!! She didn't feel great after the race but once they called her name, she sure seemed to be doing much better!
Logan walked a little but still ended up with 3rd place in the boys 10 and under division. Pretty impressive!! Kansas didn't place cause she was trying to not lose her brother (haha) and she was also in the 11-14 age bracket which is a lot tougher.
I am glad we were able to make it out as a family. Those are always the most special times to me! We are going to try to run more of these races together as a family. They are lots of fun and they support great causes!!

This morning we got up and went and supported Trinity and her soccer team. She is doing so well as goalie. When she first started a couple of weeks ago she was somewhat timid but now she goes after the ball no matter who is charging her. So proud of her....and all of my kids! Back to work tomorrow. Ready to get back in the gym with my team and work on some things to get us ready for our remaining counter games. I start my 2nd to last class with my Masters tomorrow and ready to get this thing finished!! Not that we needed any more craziness but we had to dig up a 3x5 hole in our front yard to fix a pipe that was blocked by a tree root. It just adds to the excitement right? :) No matter what all goes on, I am blessed and thankful. Hope everyone has a great week!


Jen S. said...

WOW...sounds like you are one busy lady!

I think that's great they all ran the race...what a great cause.

You guys are such an awesome family!

Sending hugs :)

Jen S. said...

PS--I love the title of your post!