Monday, July 4, 2011

Downtown with the Adults

Anytime I get to have date night with my hubby I just love it!! When you have 3 kids and coach, there is not a whole lot of time to spare. Don't get me wrong, having movie night with my man at home is one of my favorite things to do but getting dressed up is fun too! :)
Our partners in crime, the Martins came out with us. We just love hanging with them.
When these two get together, it's nothing but jokes....they are a mess!!
One of the boys trying to make us laugh while we were attempting a picture!
We headed to Altitude Sky Lounge in downtown San Diego and it had the most amazing view. You could see Petco Park where the Padres play as well as the bay and the Coronado bridge.
What a great background for a picture huh.
My cousin, Sierra and her boo, Jesse joined us as well as my Uncle Steve who is known as our tour guide for the downtown area. :)
Laughing at the difference in our shoes....the men were all casual with their flip flops and the women had their heels on. Gene bought me these shoes while we were shopping at Viejas the other day. I just love them and they are comfortable (unless you are walking 12 blocks at 1am to find your car....Uncle Chris!! LOL)
Me and my man....
Meanwhile...the kids were having a blast hanging with their cousin Dakota. They went to Boomers and played all night and then headed back to Kate and Cameron's house to watch a movie. They even got to see some fireworks. They love hanging with the Scotts!
My Auntie Liz opens her home to us every year and we are so thankful!!
Pretty amazing....
Uncle Steve with his girls.....every time we went to a new place, he would tell the bouncer "those are all my kids". Too funny!
Sierra and glad they were able to join us. Sierra even did Karaoke at one of our was so great!!
Before we left Altitude, we got to see was quite romantic.
The Martins....:)

Gene and I both loved this very true!! It was at our last stop. Cannot believe we stayed out so late....we are old you know! :) We had a great time and this vacation is amazing. So thankful to have such a wonderful family and to be able to have my hubby and kids here to enjoy it with me. Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July!!

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Jen S. said...

Looks like you all had a super fun adult night out! Loved seeing all the pictures! PS--your new shoes are super cute! Happy 4th!