Friday, June 3, 2011


It is officially summer and what a start it has been! The Dallas Mavericks are in the NBA finals and last night they had an epic comeback against the Heat to tie the series 1-1!! I know those last 2 sentences show proof that despite my dream of being an ESPN commentator, it's not in the cards for me....but what a game!! At least if I was a reporter, I wouldn't ask dumb questions like "How did you feel Jason Terry after playing no defense and letting the Heat score the 3 to take the lead?" ....I mean come on people, how do you think he felt! was a great come back with Dirk's left-handed lay up to take the lead with seconds left.

These 2 were watching the game with me but I guess all the turnovers the Mavs had in the second half made them fall asleep! Too bad they missed it!!! :) I told my little future Maverick all about it when he got up the next morning. :) Game 3 is on Sunday and I am looking forward to watching the Mavs destroy the Heat on their home floor!
The Watts family may also be on TV soon as well. I just received an email from the Extreme Sports Families people today. The producers liked our audition interview and wanted to see if we were still interested in being on the show. Hopefully it works out....what a fun experience that will be. Until then...Let's GO MAVS!!!

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Jen S. said...

That picture is so cute!
My fingres are crossed that you guys make it on that show! That would be SO COOL! GOOD LUCK...WOOOHOOOO!