Monday, June 27, 2011

Day One is Lots of Fun

Our 3 kiddos ready to depart for their vacation to San Diego! Not only do they get to go to a beautiful destination, they get to spend wonderful time building memories with family!
We had a layover in New Mexico so of course the kiddos wanted to get a souvenir to show they were there. Logan got an alien ID from Area his personality quite well!
We were picked up from the airport by cousin, Kate and her beautiful daughter, Dakota. We headed to her new house to hang out before heading to the Hedstroms for a pool party. The kids enjoyed hanging out with their cousin, Kota.
Of course my artist, Kansas had to make some art out of her play-doh. She amazes me with her ability.
Next stop...Hedstrom's house...woohoo!!!
Their pool is so beautiful and the view never gets old.....of the mountains, not the "man section" of the pool LOL!
How bout these 2 them both very much! My Uncle Glen is in the process of rebuilding their pool house but unfortunately he broke his foot so he has to take it easy for a while.
My beautiful first born enjoying her pool time with family.
My crazy son showing off as usual. :)
The girl section of the pool.....HOLLA! :)
The kids making a splash...
Love my hubby...
My precious Trinity hanging with her Auntie Liz.
My cousin Sierra and her BF Jesse planned a surprise attack on Logan. He kept bugging them to come swim with him. :)
My cousin Kate and her sweet hubby, Cameron.
Aunt Deneen and the hubby....She is so beautiful and we are planning "Operation Cowboy" for her. She is going to come to Texas so we can find her a cowboy. They will all love her! :)
Me and my gorgeous are they. Wish all of my Aunties could have been there...I have a ton! Love them all!!
It's not a pool party unless there is a little chicken fighting!
Just a small part of my wonderful is such a blessing to have a huge family!
Kansas and her cousin Griff.....I am so glad they get to have time together. I remember growing up and spending summers in California with my cousins.
Trin is such a daddy's girl. The kids were wiped out by traveling and then swimming all day but we wouldn't want it any other way!
The cousin table at dinner....this view never gets old!
The 2 youngins....Logan and Kota. They kept pinching each other's cheeks and saying "you are so cute". :)
After the pool party, we headed back to Aunt Liz and Uncle Chris' house. Logan got to ride with his Uncle Chris. Look at the pretty boys in the convertible! LOL

When we got to their house, they had special gift and food for the kiddos and then Aunt Liz showed me the blanket she made me. It made me cry! I am such a picture person and love blankets....she gave me the most special gift ever. She couldn't have chosen better pictures to put on the blanket. I hate being far away from family and this blanket will just bring me closer to them. Thank you Aunt Liz...I LOVE IT!! I know this post has a ton of pictures but hey, it's my blog! haha My family is just so special to me and it was just too hard to choose which ones to post. Day 1 of our trip was a huge success. Having a great time and love that my hubby and kiddos are here with me. Thank you LORD!!! Tune in for more of San Diego 2011! :)

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Jen S. said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! Wooohooo! Definitely FUN with the family I would say ;)
I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures. That blanket is SO NEAT! What a wonderful, thoughtful, special gift...I ♥ it!