Monday, May 2, 2011

Trinity's 1st Club Volleyball Season

During Easter weekend, Trinity competed in her final tournament of her 1st club volleyball season. As I have mentioned before (cause I am 1 proud mommy) she is 9 playing in an 11&under team. She was not the best player on the team but she held her own and we could not be more proud of her! She attacked every 3rd ball she could and was always trying to get her teammates excited! She is going to be a heck of a player and I look forward to watching her grow as an athlete. I got to coach her during her last tournament which was the Lone Star Classic. I played in my first Lone Star tournament 21 years ago. :)

Trinity had a big fan base during this tournament and her biggest fan, besides myself was her cousin, Kendall. How cute is she y'all??? I just want to squeeze those cheeks! She is only a year old and is already talking (if you know her dad, that won't surprise you B.I.L.). Anything she sees, she says "was dat" cute!!

The future of TAV!! :) These girls are so sweet and I had a blast coaching them at Lone Star. Their real coaches, Ping and Whitney also coach the top 17's team and we were able to get a picture with them at the tournament. They have been traveling all over the country kickin butt! That will be these youngins one day! :)

Ping & Whitney's 2 teams.....the 11's finished an impressive 3rd place at Lone Star. Woohoo!!

Gene and I just wrapped up the spring SPC tournament with school and we are finally able to breathe a little! Saturday was the last day and so Sunday we just hung out at home. It was so nice to spend the entire day in our comfies. Gene barbequed even though it was raining all day and I got homework done and then laid around. I have been so ready for May for the longest time.....thank goodness it's finally here. School is wrapping up and I can officially say next month we will be in California for a vacation.....BEYOND EXCITED!!! I hope the rest of the school year goes well for everyone.

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Jen S. said...

WAY TO GO Trinity...that's awesome!

Sounds like you guys are busy as the school year winds down (I'm glad you guys got a day to just hang out though...isn't that nice?!)

I know I am VERY anxious for summer. The kids at our school (elementary) are SO READY to be done already!

Hope you have a great rest of the week :)