Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Happenings

Since we will be spending Christmas in Houston, we decided to open gifts with the kids early so we didn't have to pack them up twice. I love spending time with my family but it was nice exchanging gifts with just the 5 of us.

Of course Logan had to get something involving sports.....he was thrilled to get the Madden 11 game along with a commemorative Super Bowl football. It is being hosted in Dallas this year!!

One of Trinity's favorite gifts was her Justin Bieber t-shirt. She definitely has BIEBER FEVER!! :)

I was kind of lazy this year and didn't put tree #2 up in the front room. Logan's room and the front room have big windows and I always put a tree up in each room. It looks really pretty when the lights are on. Oh house looked a little lopsided this year. :)

The kids are glad to have a break from school and I am also enjoying some time away from work. They each had a Christmas party with their class and enjoyed arts and crafts and yummy, festive treats.

Kansas and her friends doing their Christmas puzzle...not sure why my camera is taking such blurry pictures. I'm quite sure it can't be user error. :)
Trinity making a Gingerbread man....he sure looks yummy.

Like I said before, it is nice to be on a little break but it never seems like there is a dull moment. Our pipes in our bathroom busted and then Jersey (our female puppy) headbutted me on accident and busted my lip. I would show you a pretty picture of it but I thought I would spare you all. Needless to say, Ive been on a yogurt and smoothie diet since. I will say that I am so very thankful to our friends that stepped up to help us. Our neighbors Rick and Angie always are there when we need them. Rick helped Gene get the pipes going and Angie put her nurse hat on and helped me deal with my lip.....even taking me to see one of her ER doc friends. He checked on my lip outside of the ER so I didn't even have to go in! Too bad he said I should've had stitches if I would have taken my stubborn self in earlier! Oh goes on. :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their family. If your family isn't close, I hope you are blessed to have wonderful friends around.

JESUS is the reason for the season!!!


Mrs. Chantel Harris said...

Early Merry Chrismas! I hope you guys enjoy the holidays and that you heal quickly. Take care!

Jen S. said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Amanda!
Looks like you are all enjoying this holiday season (loved the pics). I was sorry to hear about the pipes and your lip, but glad you are mending and the pipes are now fixed.
Hugs to you!