Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

No big surprise that this post has a ton of pictures. We had a very Merry Christmas and it wasn't because of what was under the tree. We had family time and that was the best gift ever!! This picture would've been so cute if we weren't staring into the sun....duh! :)

A family picture on Christmas day....we lasted about 30 seconds outside before we hurried back into the heat of the house! Brrrr...

Nana bought Trinity "Just Dance 2" for the Wii and had a blast dancing to the songs. Oh yeah....I posted the video on facebook....sure did! :)

My sister and I displaying our new sweaters. My mom did so good picking them out....this year. I mean she does a great job every year. :) Love you mom!!

Me and the 2 lovely girls I call sisters. :)I always love hanging with them. By the way...I am still taller than Jessica, she just has some massive boots on. Had to put that on the record. :)

Me and the's got to be Christmas cause I actually got him to smile in a picture with me!! haha

Twin cousins....after opening their gifts, they headed outside to try out Stephen's new soccer stuff.

My family....I love them so much....almost as much as I love taking pictures next to rocks apparently. :)

Christmas morning before the unwrapping began....I guess it wouldn't be a post from me if it wasn't random and all over the place. :) Sorry...I'm a little many special pictures. Maybe I should post them and leave out my words. :)

I apologize if the picture of me with no make-up scared you. This is "did the kids really wake up at 6:30am to open presents picture." We used to have a don't come out of your room before 7am rule but since Kendall (7mos old) doesn't understand that was void for everyone else. :)

Now that's a griddle!!! My hubby loves to make pancakes and his poor old griddle has bit the dust. My sister and BIL bought him a HUGE new one. Too bad I'm the one that usually ends up cleaning up the pancake mess...sheesh.

Excited to see their stockings...

We headed to Katy, Texas for Christmas and stayed with the Streets. It was great to be around family. We always have lots of laughs, great food and build memories that we will have forever. Christmas eve my mom and sister, Mill and I were able to do some last minute shopping like we always do. Kendall even got her ears pierced. It was hard to see her cry! :( Of course she got over it and was back to her adorable smiling self. Christmas day went by so fast as usual....we exhanged gifts, ate yummy food, took lots of pictures and laughed a ton watching my mom dance to the wii game. Christmas night Gene and I took on my sister and BIL in dominoes. Can you say VICTORY!!! :) Yes....I'm still competitive when it comes to dominoes. :) We are back home, safe and sound and looking forward to another week off. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!

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Jen S. said...

Hi Amanda!
Looks like you and your awesome family had a wonderful Christmas! That's so nice!

Way to go Gene (smiling in the picture)...ha ha!

I really enjoyed checking out all of the pictures :)