Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pool Pizza Party

It has been such a nice weekend. Saturday we spent the day hanging out at the house which has been a nice change from the busy start to the school year. Today we headed to Whitney's house to swim with the kiddos. It was so much fun. The weather was still warm enough to swim but not so dang hot that we couldn't stand to be outside. We ordered pizza and the kids swam.

Whitney and I hung out inside visiting for awhile..the wall is made entirely of glass so we were able to see the rugrats the entire time.....too bad we could still hear them! haha

Leave it to Trinity to pose in the pic with the crazy boys.

So the pool just looked too good to stay inside any longer.....not to mention there was this cool bubble toy that I had to try out. Of course leave it to Logan to burst my bubble. :)

My bubble girl, Kansas enjoying the beautiful day.

Last but not least, the bubble boys. The kids had a blast swimming and hanging out with each other. We are so thankful that Whit invited us over. One more day to the nice long not waking up to an alarm clock! Have a good one!

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