Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wish I was this CREATIVE!

At first glance you would think this is a picture of a bunch of sweet kids.....well think again, they are in fact SPIES!!!! They have invaded a birthday party and ready for their mission!

My spy-cam captured a picture of them getting ready to do their training exercises. Man do they look intimidating....especially the first in line.

This little guy looks familiar....he is moving sooo fast that he is blurry to the human eye! The "football coach" looking gentleman must be their instructor. No wonder they are such a tough group!

There is no obstacle they will not go through to get in tip-top shape!

Here they are with the birthday girl trying to blend in as if they are normal citizens. They sure can pull off the "sweet and cute" look can't they! I'm not fooled though.....I know who they really are!
Not even super-lasers can stop them.....they glide through them with ease.

I can't put my finger on it but I swear I have seen this one before. He looks so familiar.

As I'm sure you've already guessed....the kids got to attend a birthday party for their friend and it was a Spy theme. How cute is that!!! I wish I was that creative!!! Stacie, the birthday mom had all these great ideas and the kids had a blast!! They went through Lasers (yarn) and had to train at the obstacle course and then find clues that lead them to the prize.

Here are all the Spies ready to accomplish their first mission.

I caught me a spy....he is a smack talking spy....

that likes to play basketball.... :)

The winning group...they got through their clues first and won the prize!!

The party of course ended with of my favorite parts! :)
We had a great time at the Spy party! It was so much fun hanging with friends and watching the kids have a great time away from the TV and Wii! Thank you to Stacie and Michael for inviting us!! I plan on having Stacie plan my kids next bday party....she is so creative!

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Jen S. said...

You crack me up! What a cute and funny post :)
I've never heard of that party theme and I think it is such a neat idea. Looks like everyone had a GREAT time!!