Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer....What Summer?

So obviously I have been neglecting my poor blog.....but for good reason...sorta. I am officially a Maverick again. This July I started my Masters degree in Educational Leadership. It has been interesting being a student again. Studying with a 6 year old asking you 900 questions is somewhat challenging!

We have not been doing much this summer but taking advantage of living next to the lake. The kids love going to the beach area and swimming. Above Kansas is with Kristian, our neighbor.

Gene and I've actually enjoyed a couple of date nights. Woohoo!!!

The girls have also been playing basketball....and eating pretzels. :) I enjoy being able to watch them play together.

Last but definitely not Aunt Liz arrived today for a short visit. We will be heading to Houston to see the rest of the family this weekend but tomorrow we will hit COWTOWN!!! Giddy Up!!

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