Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Visitors Cuter Than A Bunny

My cousin Derek and his daughter, Jasmine joined us for Easter in Houston. Derek is in the army and will be leaving to Iraq again in September. We are so glad him and adorable Jasmine were able to spend some time with us.

Me with my kiddos and Jasmine at the Easter egg hunt.

Trinity, Jasmine and Stephen ready to get some eggs.
Kansas and Joseph were with the older kids and that goofy woman is my sister, Jessica! :)
And they're off....
Jasmine and her stash...she would just smile at a little boy and he would give her an egg. At least that worked with Logan...haha.

Nana and Papa with the rugrats.

My sisters and I with our Easter visitors...told you they were cuter than the Easter Bunny!

After the hunt, the kids went straight to DS downloading.....

And they also played a little with the ton of toys in the garage...
The weather was beautiful!

Derek's birthday was last week so we surprised him with a mini chocolate cake. It looks like my mom is trying to stick her finger in it but I promise she didn't! :)

My girls sporting the Easter outfits that Nana and Papa bought them.

The kids on Easter morning going through their baskets.
We had a great time seeing our family. The cousins always have so much fun together. My sisters and I never grew up around our cousins, they all lived in California. We are glad our kiddos see each other often and we are thankful that Derek and Jasmine were able to join us on this Easter holiday. I hope everyone had a Happy Easter!!


Jen S. said...

Enjoyed all of your pictures. Looks like you had wonderful Easter! That is so nice :)

In His Army said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!