Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baseball...Birthdays..Bears...Butt Kickins and Bluebonnets

So the title of this post pretty much sums up my weekend!

Since AAU basketball has begun, I am officially a "basketball widow" until June or July. Gene was away in Houston for a tournament but at least he was able to hang out with the family there. My sister was excited to see her "favorite bro-in-law" sorry Stephen. :) While Gene was in H-Town, I held down the fort. We started our Saturday with some Blue Jays baseball. They didn't play very well but they got the victory. It looks like Logan is trying to take out his coach with this hit.
It was my good friend Amanda's birthday so I returned the favor and brought the pink hat for her to wear. It looks so much cuter on her than it did on me! After the game, Trinity and Logan and I headed to Grapevine Mills Mall to meet up with Kansas who was with a friend. While we waited, we got to ride the cool new animal go kart thingies....(great description huh). All I know is that I want one. They are so cool. The kids had a blast and the sweet guy working there kept letting them ride past the alotted time. I even got my old self on one.

Trinity road the pink bear...that was my favorite one.

Logan switched off between this one and the cheetah. Thanks goodness I don't have a picture of me on knees were at my chin. :) But once I got on I guess Trinity and Logan thought they were "bumper animals". Don't animal was injured during this activity.

Our next adventure landed us in Plano for some volleyball. My poor Pink Fury team is struggling and we suffered some butt-kickin. It was our last tournament and though we didn't finish well, all the girls improved a ton. We all went to eat at Chuys afterwards and I enjoyed visiting with the parents. No, that last sentence isn't one big typo...I really enjoy the parents on this team. Even though I wanted to beat their daughters at times, they were in full support of me. Ahhh...the joys of coaching.
They surprised me with a gift card that was in this very special thank-you card.

I know it's hard to read but I had to get a picture in my blog. I have been coaching for 15 years and this kind of stuff is what means the most to me. I will keep it with all the others that I have collected from my past teams. Thank you Rachel, Rachel, Hailey, Madi, Taylor, Alli, Molly and Pink Fury parents!

As the kids and I drove home, we passed all the beautiful bluebonnets and so we had to stop and get a picture. I mean it is a Texas tradition! The kids were not in all matchy-matchy clothes but they still look adorable. They thought it was so much fun playing on the side of the highway in the bluebonnets. Cheap thrills. :)

My sweet babies.... they look so sweet....

and it doesn't last long....Kansas thinks it would be fun to push Logan down the hill..

More bluebonnet fun...
Yet another busy weekend for the Watts Family. I am excited to announce that my sister will be going to the hospital in the morning to be induced. She is having a girl, my first niece and I am the Godmother!!! Stay tuned for pictures and please say a prayer that all goes well!!
Many Blessings,

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